To be customer centric you need CPIs

By Lauren Clarke | May 27, 2021

How do you know you’re giving your customers what they truly need? Are you measuring it? What systems do you currently have in place that will give you real insight into what they are experiencing?


What is an insight?

By Lauren Clarke | May 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been seeing project briefs that go like this: Background, challenge (you know, like what’s going wrong that could be going better), objective (are we looking to raise awareness or change perceptions), audience, spec, budget.


Creating high-value content

By Lauren Clarke | May 14, 2021

Look at your brand messages and the content you’re considering creating and identify its strengths, weaknesses, and ensure there is alignment between what you want to say, and what your customer needs.


Understanding your customers lies in the principles of personalization

By Lauren Clarke | May 14, 2021

Since reps have been spending less time traveling and seeing HCPs, they should have more capacity to pursue value-added opportunities. This includes collecting insights on physicians’ unmet needs and administering these insights back into CRM systems.


Content audits: what not to do

By Lauren Clarke | March 28, 2021

Thinking about creating new content? Start by considering your existing channels and evaluating where they are and aren’t working. Reviewing your existing content to establish gaps should help to establish what content needs to be created, removed, or amended.


Digital Footprints are the New Handshakes

By Christine O'Reilly | February 23, 2021

In this TWO MINUTE MATTERS video, Christine offers solutions to stay digitally interconnected with your customers and have a real influence over their decision making.

Create Value & Engage HCPs With Digital Content

How to Create Value & Engage HCPs With Digital Content

By Lauren Clarke | February 10, 2021

The year 2020 saw a lot of change in the pharmaceutical industry, with traditional lines of communication between reps and physicians undoubtedly changed forever. But it was more than just COVID-19 that disrupted the status quo.


Shift Just Got Real

By Christine O'Reilly | January 17, 2021

In this episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS, Christine delves into this shift and shares how healthcare professional customers have become far more discerning about receiving what they perceive as “self-serving” communications.


Core Values

By Christine O'Reilly | November 16, 2020

A company’s values shape its culture and impact how it makes decisions. At CORE, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Even our company name relates back to our values.


Control Your Productivity

By Christine O'Reilly | October 21, 2020

In this episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS, Christine shows you the essential tool she has been using for years to maximize her own productivity.