Since reps have been spending less time traveling and seeing HCPs, they should have more capacity to pursue value-added opportunities. This includes collecting insights on physicians’ unmet needs and administering these insights back into CRM systems.

When it comes to personalized outreach, understanding your buyer is key. This includes having a solid grasp on:

  • How they interact with your content.
  • Where they get their news.
  • What topics resonate with them
  • How those topics drive them to action
  • The channels that get them to engage with you
  • And most of all, their pain points

It’s important that reps engage in relevant, useful conversations with their buyers. The points above are just a few things that are necessary to keep in mind in order for them to do this successfully.

So, to our clients we want to ask: What qualitative and quantitative data are you collecting? Are you analyzing that data and using it to execute valuable change and align even further with your customers’ needs?

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