Do you wonder how a future of virtual selling will affect customer relationships? This episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS looks at proven ways to embrace a better, integrated approach to reaching customers.

How will this extended period of virtual selling affect the future of the sales force? Take a moment to reflect on what that may look like in this episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS.

Executives believe virtual selling cannot be as effective or impactful as in-person selling, for these reasons:

  • a lack of audience interaction,
  • passive presentations, and
  • customer distraction.

We are all crafting new digital programs and tools to service customers. We are working harder to create engaging conversations outside the traditional sales call model. Now is the time to lean into social connection and embrace an integrated approach to reaching customers.

Imagine a future where these new effective tools are combined with traditional, in-person selling—a better future for all of us.

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