Christine O'Reilly June 23, 2020

Striving to become a better coach? Take your leadership skills from good to great with these three successful coaching techniques in this episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS.

Do you ever feel like you’re a good coach, but would like to become a great coach? I did too. I’ve spent years successfully leading teams and clients but sometimes wondered, what does it take to be a great coach? So I levelled-up and became a certified high performance coach. I learned three techniques of great coaching, and in this episode of TWO MINUTE MATTERS, I share them with you.

Your job as a coach isn’t to give the ideas. It’s to ask the right questions so the person you’re coaching can generate the ideas.

Always move things forward. Your primary role is to enable someone to move beyond their current circumstances.

Throughout the process, consistently and genuinely recognize and celebrate progress.
Watch this if you’re ready to lead people to the “I’ve got it!” moment. You can easily bring these techniques into your coaching moments right away.

As the saying goes (Zig Ziglar), you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to become great.

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